Dan Swinscoe is a physical therapist and strength and conditioning specialist who understands what it’s like to be injured.

From over 30 years of treating and learning from his patients, to having several substantial injuries of his own, Dan brings a unique perspective to solving movement problems.  

Dan has been entrusted with rehabilitation and training athletes from the NFL, MLB, WNBA, professional golf, and many local doctors and their families.  He is specialty trained and certified from the Titleist Performance Institute and Golf Digest as a Golf Medical and Golf Fitness Professional.  He has certifications from NSCA, Functional Movement Screen, SFMA, FRR, FRC, USAW, OnBase University, and many others.  

Dan enjoys sharing what he has learned as a guest speaker to PT schools, professional and college sports teams, State Farm insurance, local Little Leagues, teaching his own course, Kettlebells for Clinicians, and as an assistant instructor for Clinic/Gym Hybrid, the Painfree Performance Specialist Certification and for Dynamic Variable Resistance Training.  

Dan likes to challenge himself physically. In the last decade he has medalled in powerlifting, summited Mt Rainier and other peaks, traversed the Grand Canyon and completed the Seattle to Portland Bike race in one day. 

Why T2W Clinic does not bill for insurance payment

But you can ...

I used to accept insurance payments.  What I realized was that by accepting insurance payment, I was also accepting: 

1. That because the insurance company was making payment, they also have a voice in treatment decisions. Even if this conflicted with the patient, the doctor and myself.

2. That I would not be paid what I charged when I charged it but rather I would be reimbursed a lesser amount at a later date. An amount and a date I had no control over and sometimes that was
zero and never.

3. That because of decreased and delayed reimbursement I would have to see more people each day to make ends meet. 

4. That because of their unclear and ever-changing rules I would have to hire staff who specializes in dealing with insurance companies and pay for that additional overhead. Which in turn increased the number of patients needing to be seen to cover that expense.

5. That when a patient expects their insurance to pay the patient needs to be educated on the rules of his/her specific plan to allow for payment which are often illogical and frustrating for the patient to learn. This takes time away from treatment and makes everyone mad.

6. That each visit I had to take time away from treatment to bill the exact code with the exact verbiage that each insurance company preferred. I also often had to write letters and partake in phone calls with my “peers” to justify medical necessity often in situations where it was as obvious as “he had surgery two weeks ago and his arm is in a sling.” They still tried to find reasons to deny coverage.

7.  That for financial survival I would have to have ancillary staff perform part of the treatment each day, so I could work with someone else. 

You and I both deserve better than that.

Now, I work for YOU not the insurance company.

When we work together nothing affects our decision making and goal setting other than what we decide. We don’t have to explain to your insurance plan why we are doing what we’re doing, we don’t have to ask special permission to treat a body part not listed on the referral, etc.

You tell me your goals. I will create a treatment plan to meet the goals, execute the plan and constantly reevaluate our progress until those goals are met. All the while being free to make other goals any time you choose.

It’s just you and I together teaming up to solve your movement problems.

Still want to use your insurance? No problem. I’ll provide you with an invoice containing the pertinent information and you mail or email that to your insurance for reimbursement. Expect to get money back but not the full amount that you paid. 

Concerned about cost? Most people are. But when calcualting the cost to solve the problem, be sure to calculate your time. When you see me, we will get to the root cause of your issue. We will constantly reevaluate to ensure our path is the best for you. You will always be shown what to do on your own so you get better everyday, not just days you come here. Your home exercises will be supported by video instruction to help you stay on task. You will have your PT's cell number to call or text when questions come up.  This all adds up to you getting better faster. Your expectations of how fast you can improve are likely to be exceeded. What's it worth to you to get the job done right the first time? To get your life back?  We are not like the other clinics. It will be fewer visits than you think. 

How much will the total cost actually be? That is impossible to say without the evaluation session. But with the evaluation, a pretty good estimate should be able to be made. If financial considerations need to be a part of the treatment plan they will be. Remember, we work for you. We will provide you with
a professional opinion but in the end the decision is yours.

It’s our honor to help you and we look forward to meeting you. If you still have questions, please email or

Yours in health,
Dan Swinscoe, PT, MPT, CSCS

Jessica Swinscoe, PT, DPT

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