How Does Physical Therapy Help?

Get Out Of Pain And Back In The Game.

Physical therapy is a process by which your body is assessed and treated based on movement. Movements can be efficient, easy and pain-free or inefficient, straining, and painful. The process begins with an assessment of your movements. The entire body is assessed not just the part that hurts as the body works and moves as one unit

If you were hurt from a traumatic injury or from surgery then treatment is based on alleviating symptoms and creating the safest fastest restoration of normal movement in all planes as possible.  If the injury or surgery was a long time ago but you still have pain then it goes back to how the surgery or injury changed how you move to make this pain persist.  In this case a full body movement exam should yield the cause and then we get to work on correcting it. 

It is often amazing to people to realize the root cause of a problem is often distant from the symptoms, but this is why we check. If we don’t assess it’s a guess. The initial assessment guides us to the treatments that make the most sense to solve the problem at hand. The therapist and patient create an action plan together with re-assessment ongoing to ensure the best results.

We get people better as fast as possible, as safe as possible, while having as much fun as possible. If we aren't having fun we're doing it wrong. 

Move Better, Feel Better & Play Better With Train2Win.

If you’ve had surgery you’ve been fixed. But NOT prepared. At Train2Win we will help you and your tissues recover from surgery to be prepared and resilient against all life throws your way. Strength, stability and mobility in all three planes of motion is required to be prepared.

Surgery alone doesn’t do that. Passive care doesn’t do that. Training your body to accelerate, decelerate and hold against forces in all three planes does. We will help you accomplish this.

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At Train2Win Rehab and Performance we take great pleasure in our ability to improve the comfort and performance of any athlete. Weekend warrior, avid lifter, couch to 5K or professional, flexibility, stability, strength, speed, power, balance, agility, and coordination are all improved through our customized therapy and training programs.

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