"I have worked with Dan Swinscoe since I was a kid.

Dan has always helped me get back to full strength faster than anyone. In 2019 I injured my back and wrist and was unable to play golf. Dan got me healthy and golfing again in time for the PGA Tour Latinoamerica season. Without Dan I would not of been able to play that season. Dan is a fantastic PT and an even better person."

Brian Mogg, professional golfer

"I’ve been a patient of Dan’s on and off for 20 years and I cannot say enough good things about him."

He is professional knowledgeable, friendly and supportive of a patients desire to recover and heal.  He caters the rehab plan to an individuals lifestyle so that you can return to the activities you love without worrying about pain or re-injury.  I highly recommend Dan for people who are looking for long lasting results in injury recovery."

Anne Steindorf, teacher, mother of three and Tae Kwon Do black belt

Dan was a pleasure to work with during my rehab process.

Dan stands out to me because he's passionate, knowledgeable and motivating.  He provides thorough anatomical and biomechanical reasonings for each workout prescription.  He makes the process enjoyable but also challenging. Im thankful for my time with Dan because he made me smarter, stronger and got me back on the field.  Id recommend him to anyone.

Patrick Wisdom, MLB player

"I've had the privilege of working with Dan for a few years now and I can safely say... Dan is truly one of the best.

He has a way of connecting with you that streamlines the treatment he designs for each patient.  I was referred to him by a few colleagues in the high performance field so I knew he was going to be good.  But what I wasn't expecting was how amazing of a person he is. 

I have been working as a strength and conditioning coach for over 10 years, and 1 of those years I was lucky enough to work with him at one of his clinics.  While I have also been a patient of his so I know his work up close, watching him care so deeply for his patients, whether they are MLB pitchers in town or a weekend warrior getting ready for a race, you can just tell he really cares about everyone that walks through the door. 

Dan has a way of explaining the "why" behind your injury/ailment in that it makes you feel extremely hopeful and that you are in the absolute best hands.  Anyone who gets to work with him is in good hands, and I'm so glad I was connected to him years ago.  I will forever recommend him to all of my clients, family, friends, because there is no one like Dan!"

Lisa Dimak, personal trainer

"I am a softball pitcher at the University of Tennessee.

Before starting my collegiate career, I dealt with a number of nagging injuries including a strained hamstring, an aching neck, and a sprained ankle. Dan was highly recommended to me by my orthopedic specialist at the University of Washington, and he played a critical role in my recovery. At our very first appointment, I was incredibly impressed to realize Dan had watched online pitching videos of me to study my mechanics as input to my therapy plan. Dan is highly knowledgeable and expends considerable time analyzing a patient’s sports mechanics, understanding root causes of injuries, and deploying a thoughtful treatment plan. He does not simply use “canned” treatment plans, rather he highly customizes treatment to each individual. Under Dan’s treatment plan during my Senior year of high school, I recovered from all of my issues and was able to return to the field and enjoy have a successful season, earning a number of national and state accolades. Dan played a huge role in my success and I highly recommend him to any competitive athlete requiring specialized physical therapy."

Nicola Simpson – University of Tennessee Softball, PGF All-American, Gatorade Player of the Year"

"I have known Dan for over 20 years, first utilizing his services as a patient in high school and college and now as a coach for Skyline High School and the Bears Baseball Club

What I admire most about Dan, is his thirst for knowledge and drive to improve his skillset. When I first worked with Dan he was a well respected physical therapist, in the years since he has added expertise in the game of golf, both playing and training/rehabbing, and what I would call “performance training” expertise which is assessing a body part or movement and prescribing how to optimize that part of the body or movement. So not only does Dan get you back to neutral after an injury, he also helps you move and perform better than you were prior to the injury!

How Dan applies his wisdom is also impressive. When most of my athletes come back from the doctor or other PTs (no offense to the other professionals out there!) they tell me their injury was looked at and treated. When they come back from a visit with Dan, the injury is treated but there is also an understanding of what caused the injury and a plan to correct that imbalance or disfunction. His ability to educate a person with no knowledge of how the body works, all the way up to PhD level pupil makes him highly effective as a therapist and trainer.

Lastly, I have appreciated Dan’s willingness to share his skills and wisdom with those who can benefit most, without anything in return. Dan has worked with our high school athletics programs for years as a resource for injuries and pain and specifically has worked with our State Championship Baseball team to develop our warm up routine and correct arm issues before they become injuries. We will miss Dan and his expertise up here in Sammamish very much, I hope all the other Physical Therapists and trainers in AZ know they need to up their game!"

Brandon Hemphill Head Baseball Coach – Skyline High SchoolField of Champions, Bears Baseball Club

"The best PT I have ever worked with"

I have known Dan for over 20 years.  He is the best PT I have ever worked with professionally as a physician referring patients to his care, and personally as he has guided my recovery from various sprains and strains.  His knowledge is vast, his approach and techniques are effective and creative, and he's a genuinely nice guy too.  

David Pomeroy, MD

"As a professional athlete one thing you deal with on the regular is adverse situations.

For me, as a football player preparing for a team all week and when the game comes there is  something that comes up that catches you by surprise and in that moment you must adapt and keep playing.  

I found Dan Swinscoe. He was welcoming and helped me build my confidence and build strength back in my knee.  I enjoyed every bit of it even though sometimes he pushed me and made me work on days I didnt much feel like it. I thought Dan was the best and would recommend him to anyone in the future who has rehabilitation needs."

Mike Barnett, Former NFL Player

"My quality of life had been horrific for 20 years.

I contemplated getting back surgery because the pain was so great.  I was introduced to Dan Swinscoe in 2019 from a close friend and mentor. 

I had an MRI and was prepping for back surgery.  I figured I would give this last meeting a go since I had tried every chiropractor, specialist and witch doctor.  After meeting with Dan, doing the exercises he showed me, my back went from pain to painfree.  I went from never squatting in the gym to running a half marathon, getting under the bar and squatting 405 lbs for 8 reps.  Its been an amazing journey for me now in my 40’s.

I am functional, happy and even when I tore my achilles in 2019 I worked with Dan and he has been so helpful in getting me bak to full speed my knees, feet, ankles and body. 

Whether you’re a high school, collegiate or professional athlete, or a human being wanting to feel better, get stronger and move better with functionality, Dan is your man.  Ive never lived in his area but always received his coaching and help via videos."

Setema Gali, former NFL player and superbowl champion

"I didn’t believe in physical therapy until I met Dan Swinscoe.

His knowledge and physical therapypy  treatment alleviated all my sciatic pain and he also fixed my shoulder.  I will not ever go anywhere else for physical therapy."

Chris Reid, Golfer, Retired Police Officer

"Dan has been incredible to work with.

 I have known Dan for over 20 years and each time either I or my family have needed to work with him, we are very much appreciative of his expertise and ability to accommodate our schedules."

Thomas Beeks

"I could not recommend Dan Swinscoe more highly.  After two back surgeries in my 30’s, I thought I was just going to have to bear a life of limited mobility and enjoyment and endure the daily pain that became my new norm.

I worked with Dan and he customized, not only a treatment program for my back but an ongoing lifelong easy to do home exercise routine.  Im healthy strong and rarely do I have flare ups with my back anymore.  Its not an understatement for me to say I would not be enjoying the life I have if not for his unwavering  commitment to get me well again. And he’s just an all around awesome guy.  In my house he’s known as Dan the man."

Amanda Smith

"To put it simply, Dan is amazing. It is not only his physical therapy knowledge and training that is outstanding, but you could not ask for a kinder more caring person to work with.

Dan wants you to be the person, inside and out, that you can be and is willing to work with you and educate you along the way.  Would never consider working with anyone else."

Michael Smith

"I literally travel over an hour to come to see Dan. He’s that good.


I love that its not just the specific injury that you are treated for but how it happened.  You have to have a strong foundation for healthy joints and if you have a weak link in the chain you aren’t going to get the improvement you want and stay injury free.  Dan finds that weak link and builds that strong foundation so you can stay healthy and injury free.  I learn something every time I see Dan.  If you truly want to improve your joint health and mobility you need Dan Swinscoe.
Alison Woehrman, personal trainer

"It is rare to find a therapist who understands the direct and indirect causes of the common musculoskeletal problems that athletes experience.

Dan Swinscoe is that kind of therapist. His understanding of the pathomechanics that leads to problems for the overhead athlete makes him particularly qualified on this subject.”

Gregory A. Schmale, MD Associate Professor of Orthopaedics and Sports MedicineUniversity of Washington School of Medicine, Seattle

"Dan has been involved with the Issaquah High School baseball program for the last 20 years.

He has helped us tremendously with injury prevention and recovery. Dan works with our athletes every Monday and will make accommodations to get our injured players into his office for extra work. The biggest benefit to our program is Dan's knowledge of baseball. He really understands how the injury effects the swing or throwing mechanics. He designs exercises that help strengthen our players that are baseball related. Bottom line is, Dan gets our players back on the field and out of the training room. Thanks for all your help Dan”

Rob ReeseHead Baseball CoachIssaquah High SchoolState Champions 2000, 2004, 2007

"Dan Swinscoe has worked closely with our cross country team and track and field teams for the past several years.

Dan has provided a high level of care for all of our athletes in and out of his clinic. He is extremely thorough and dedicated to helping athletes with everything from shin splints, muscle strains and sprains, to custom orthotics.  Dan doesn’t only look at the specific injury, but the overall athlete.

This methodology has helped many of our athletes attain their goals and alleviate injuries that may have ended their season. I appreciate Dan’s expertise and I’m grateful for all his time and dedication to our cross country and track and field athletes.”

Dawn Geiser Skyline Girls’ Track and Field Coach/Assistant Cross Country Coach

"Dan Swinscoe and I went to PT school 30 plus years ago.

Dan was hands down at the top of our class. His passion to be the best physical therapist and leader in the world of sports and fitness never waned but rather grew over these years. I’ve actually turned to Dan for advice and guidance for myself and my most challenging patients.  If I were ever asked to name the best PT of the century, I would immediately and enthusiastically say, as I have for many years, “That person is Dan Swinscoe.”


Brent Dodge, Physical Therapist

"In 2018 I tore my ACL and sought out a physical therapist who could meet my rehabilitation needs.

As a former Division I soccer player, collegiate coach, and Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) myself, I was looking for a therapist that could help me return to a demanding level of activity.

I was immediately drawn to working with Dan because of his background as a certified kettlebell instructor. I wanted a PT who would listen to my needs, respect my desire to be challenged, and understand the mental and emotional toll an injury can take on a person.

I always felt listened to and well taken care of whenever I was working with Dan. While injuries are never something we wish for, having a provider like Dan to help guide and support me through the process has transformed the way I see physical therapy.

Dan always challenged me and met me with good humor and an openness that always put me at ease during our sessions. He laid out his plan clearly and was always open to my input and feedback. I appreciated the ability to be in charge of my own healing and felt like Dan was a part of that “team.”

Dan also helped me become healthy and strong to prepare for and complete a very demanding Kettlebell certification that I had registered for before tearing my ACL. Within 6 months, not only did I feel healthy and strong, I was able to train for and pass the SFG kettlebell certification.

Dan has become not only a trusted physical therapist, but a good friend. He helped walk me through a very difficult point in my life, where I felt not only broken physically, but mentally from my injury. I know the power a good practitioner can have on your life, and I can’t recommend Dan highly enough."

Allison Tenney, D1 soccer coach