What Is Golfers Elbow?

Golfers elbow is the term for pain at the medial epicondyle of the elbow whereas the more common tennis elbow is on the lateral side.   Is your golfers elbow related to golf?  We answer this question with another question. Which arm is it?  If your lead side arm has the golfers elbow it wont be related to golf unless maybe if you are squeezing the club ridiculously hard.  If your trail side arm has the golfers elbow then yes it is likely due to your golf swing.  But…this is GOOD NEWS because it means your swing is really inefficient. 

Treating Golfers Elbow.

So what we do to correct the golfer's elbow will also help you swing the club better.  Expect more distance and more center face contact.  We may very well also refer you to a PGA teaching pro too.  If we get your body working correctly but you still have the same bad habits some help from a golf pro will allow you to return to golfing without a return of symptoms. 

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