When you have a knee injury, everyday activities can become difficult.

Life slows right down and your overall health can deteriorate quickly.

The good news is that with the right Physical Therapy, you can see major improvements and get free from the pain.

Understanding Knee Pain.

Knee pain can be thought of as traumatic or nontraumatic. 

Traumatic knee pain usually involves a sprain or a tear of ligament or cartilage.  Believe it or not most traumatic knee pain is from NONCONTACT injuries. That means the athlete didn’t control his or her body well enough against gravity and something bad happened as a result.  Non-contact injuries are the ones we try to eliminate with good training.  Even if you have surgery, you will need good and complete rehab to resolve the movement dysfunction that lead to the noncontact injury in the first place.

How We Access Knee Pain.

Nontraumatic knee pain is almost always patellofemoral (knee cap) problems in younger people or arthritis in older people.

Good news is we treat them very much alike. How’s that?  Simple.  You assess how the leg and the body are moving, find the inefficiencies and correct them.  For patellofemoral pain there is commonly foot, hip and core weakness leading to the knee pain.  Improve control and strength in these areas and people feel good again. 

Treating The Body As A Whole.

For arthritic knees, there are commonly ankle restrictions, knee restrictions and hip restrictions.

Loosening up these tight places allows for more joints and more muscles to share in the load thus lessening what the knee feels.  Even severely arthritic knees can be made to feel much better with good rehab.  You are a whole person NOT an Xray of only one joint. 

How We Treat Knee Pain.

Treatment begins with making sure your daily activities aren’t aggravating your symptoms.  We modify training, we modify shoes, we provide custom orthotics, tape, braces and perform manual therapy techniques.  Anything we can do to keep you going we will do.   

Then we begin correcting the root cause identified in the initial exam.  Mobility, balance, strength, control etc will all be addressed with home exercises and/or our equipment on site.  Home exercises are always supported by video to help you remember the nuances that make the exercises best for you.  As functional control and strength are restored in all three planes of motion the pain is usually long gone. 

If you need help getting pain under control we recommend Proze "Nerve."  This topical cream works great and our patients can buy it at a discount using this link.


Take control of your health and your life.

Make the decision to break free from knee pain and book an appointment today.