What Causes Sciatica To Form?

Sciatica is the term given when we have pain in the leg that follows the path of the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve enters the leg in the middle of the buttock and follows a path down the back of the thigh then separates into two nerves, one running down the lateral aspect of the leg, the other more towards the back/inside portion. Causes of sciatica involve movements and forces that place compression or tension on the sciatic nerve where it exits the spine or in the buttock itself.


What Symptoms Are Associated With Sciatica?

Technically sciatica is a pain complaint only. If you have weakness, numbness etc you have lumbar radiculopathy. 

The difference isn’t that important.  Either way there are symptoms whose root causes need to be identified and changed.   Immediate improvement can typically be had with learning movement and bracing skills, altering postures or activities which provoke symptoms and beginning some specifically prescribed exercises.

How Can Sciatica Be Treated?

To help you get free of this condition, we will treat the source of your nerve irritation.

Getting to the root cause is always most important but it takes time.  To get immediate relief using a topical pain reliever like Proze "Nerve" is often very helpful.  Use this link and enjoy a nice discount.


It is important for you to follow your treatment plan closely and always to be sure to tell us immediately if you experience any progression of your leg pain, numbness or weakness.

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